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Excerpt of "a translation" (Summer, 2021) Closed Eye Open - Maya's Micros Edition 9

Daffodils of Detroit, Sunshine (Spring, 2021) Hooligans Magazine.

Revitalization (Winter, 2021) The Knights Library.

Do you get nervous on planes? (April, 2020) Yes Poetry.

Rituals for the End of the World, Solution (Fall, 2020) Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.

Thin Air, Conversational Spanish (Spring, 2020) Columbia Journal.

Hache and Cher Horowitz Split a Coney (Winter, 2020) Sugar House Review.

2.0 (Fall, 2019) Ghost City Review.

Eight Stages of Someone Else's Grief (Fall, 2019) Glass Poetry.

Across this body, First Generation, The Wall (Spring, 2019) The Maynard.


Dying far from Home (Spring, 2019) muse / a journal (now Bird Coat Quarterly).


Every Michigander is far and wee (Spring, 2019) Lockjaw Magazine.


Losing Touch (Spring, 2019) Tilde.


Once (Spring, 2019) Tinderbox Poetry.


--see me making café cubano (Spring, 2019) Lockjaw Magazine.


The Weight of Lemons (Spring, 2019) Kissing Dynamite Poetry


There is no hyphen between us and them (Spring, 2019) The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism.


Hungry, Billions in Debt (Summer, 2019) Riggwelter Press.


Dangerous (Winter, 2019) The Indianapolis Review.


Let love be a burning bush, prayer for my mother (Winter, 2019) Obra / Artifact.


The Last Supper (Winter, 2019) Rust & Moth.


After Angelitos Negros (Fall, 2018) Broadsided Press.


Congress is defined as the act of ocming together (Fall, 2018) Five:2:One Magazine.

Juntos (Fall, 2018) Fifth Wednesday.

Our love will stretch to cover this in time (Fall, 2018) Okay Donkey.


as dawn breaks (Spring, 2018) The Emerson Review.


Here are Beautiful Things (Spring, 2018) The Light Ekphrasis.


One Million Peaches (Spring, 2018) Soliloquies Anthology #22, .


After a Hurricane (Summer, 2018) Really System.


Etymology (Summer, 2018) SWWIM Everyday.


Loxahatchee Road Prison, Morning Shift, Ashes of Life rn (Summer, 2018) Rigorous Magazine.


The things we touch (Summer, 2018) The Acentos Review.


for bad dreams (Summer , 2018) Gigantic Sequins.


Paraiso / Bembe (Winter, 2018) Obsidian Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora.


Scurry Scarab Beatle Poets (Winter, 2018) Eastern Iowa Review.


Viandero, Home (Winter, 2018) Storyscape Journal.


You will lose your country (Winter, 2018) Constellate Journal.


Fango 1-5 (Fall, 2017) Rigorous Magazine.


Pareo (Spring, 2017) York Literary Review.

The Women who Loved Abuelo (issue 24) (Winter, 2017) Thin Air Magazine.

Selected Poems
Academic Engagement

Reading: Mercy Street (2021)

Workshop: Nuts and Bolts: MS Word and Excel for Writers- The Estuary Collective (2021)

Workshop: Striking Illumination: Erasure as Excavation - Sundress Academy for the Arts (2021)

Workshop: Super|REAL: Surrealist Editing - Luminarie Poets Workshop Series (2021)

Craft Series: Why It Works: A conversation from Both Sides of the Poem – The Estuary Collective (2021)

Reading: A night at the movies, The Estuary Collective, (2021)

Reading: Performance Anxiety (2020)

Reading: Rigorous x Bunker, (2020)

Reading: Borderlands Issue 52 Launch, Malvern Books (2020)

Reading: Brain Candy (2019)

Reading: East Side Reading Series (2019)

Communty Engagement

Panelist: Institute for Non Profit News, panel discussion: Growing Public Support for News, 2021

Panelist: Art is Power! Equity Summit on behalf of City of Detroit, 2021

Panelist: Contemporary Landscape of Women in Poetry, 1455 Summer Lit Fest, 2021

Performer: Diverse Voices Conference, Oakland University, 2021

Coordinator of Arts Programing for Initiative to Eradicate Racism, OU-SEHS 2021

#TWEETSPEAKLIVE technical support, Spring 2020

Panelist: The Myth of Living in a Post-Racial Society (2019), Oakland University

Speaker: Diverse Voices Conference (2019), Oakland University

Member, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, School of Education 2019-

Organizer: Relato:OU, Bilingual Storytelling Night, Oakland University 2018

Accepted Proposal: Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance, Wayne State 2018

Organizer: Relato:UM, for CodeSwitch Day, University of Michigan 2018

Organizer: Relato:OU, Bilingual Storytelling Night, 2018

Women's Employee Resource Group Planning Committee, Oakland University, 2017-2018

NEPRIS Virtual Lecturer, 2017-Present

Reseach Interests
  • Visual and concrete poetry

  • Object books

  • Place and placemaking

  • Gestural movements in text

  • Augmented hard bound / softbound books

  • Community generated poetry

  • Cronicas

  • Language and language acquisition

  • Assimilation

  • Hurricanes and South Florida, el exilio

  • Fatphobia and cultural gatekeeping

  • Body dysmorphia as a function of colonialism

  • Blackness in Latindidad

  • Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Caribbean

  • Shifting the framework for analysis from eurocentric models to other cultural frameworks - Caribbean 

  • Generative publishing and submission model

Workshop: Seeing the Stanza, Brittany Rogers, 2021

Workshop Poetics of Intimacy, Natasha Oladokun, Winter 2021

Workshop: Prose poems with Dani Rose, Knights Library, 2021

Workshop: Loss of Language with Belinda Munoz, 2021

Workshop: Latinx Grant Writing, 2021

Conference: Barrelhouse Conference, Conversations, and Connections, 2021

Workshop: Aubades with Itiola Jones, Luminarie Poetry Workshop Series, 2021

Workshop: Flowers in a Field of Terror, Faylita Hicks, Fall 2020

Residency: Winter Tangerine Summer Workshop 2019

Workshop: Sharpened Vision, Douglas Kearney / Cal Tech Arts 2018

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