SOFIAS uses the 2014 Emmy awards bit with Bruce Rosenblum setting Sofia Vergara on a rotating turnstile to highlight "diversity" in broadcasting, as a jumping-off point to explore "latinedad" in the United States.  This collection was selected by Gabrille Bates for a 2021 Tiran Burrell Chapbook Prize and will be published by The Knights Library in the Summer of 2022.

“This chapbook is a master class in formal play and conceit that calls to mind Terrance Hayes at his best; Jeni De La O takes Frost’s adage “play for mortal stakes” to thrilling new heights, calling attention to performance as both an arena of harm and a method of survival. This book constantly re-sparks attention as it deepens its layers of inquiry. A virtuosic poet, and an unforgettably varied and passionate undertaking. These poems contain such expertly hewn heat, you may feel your fingers burn as you read.”

—Gabrielle Bates, author of Judas Goat

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